Hay, I'm Yoko Bomb

Fulltime freelancer and Content Creator.

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Endorse & Collaboration

full dedicated video

USD 200

Action : Make a dedicated video review of your product or business.

Goal : Review your product or business so my audience know about your product or business

Short Ads

USD 100

Action : Mention about your product or business in my video

Goal : To briefly share your product or business with my audience

Blog post

USD 100

Action : Write articles about your product or business on the yokobomb.com website

Goal : Promote your product or business through articles on the yokobomb.com website

Broadcast to email list: 20K contact email.

Social media post

USD 100

Action : Make a post about your product or business to Yoko Bomb's social media

Goal : Provide information about your promo, product or business on Yoko Bomb Social Media.

- 15K Instagram followers
- 35K member Facebook group
- Telegram Channel 13K members

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